Scholarship Central

scholarship imageCollege is expensive. ?We’re here to help! ?Scholarships offer free money to students of many different qualifications. ?There are scholarships available for good grades, but also others that offer money for being left-handed, or really tall! ?Take a look at the scholarship websites below to apply to as many scholarships as you qualify for.

Do not apply to scholarships that ask for an application fee! ?These are often times not reputable and just out to make money off of you.

Ongoing Scholarship Opportunities
This isn’t a scholarship, but every prospective high school student should be applying to FAFSA to seek government financial aid! ? The deadline is June 30th.
A traditional site that hosts billions of dollars of scholarships available.
Arguably the most comprehensive scholarship database on the Internet.
Another great scholarship website, with almost $6 billion worth of scholarships available. Scholarship Database
Smaller list of opportunities than the sites, above, but still some unique offerings here

Visit your Local School Guidance Counselor
National scholarships like the ones above can be difficult to win. ?To maximize your chances, visit your local school counselor office or follow the options in the link above!