November 2014 Student Spotlight

Alishan Patel, UC Berkeley


High School: Newbury Park High School
JK Center: San Fernando Valley (West Region)
College Attending in the fall: UC Berkeley
Other colleges where you were accepted:
Boston University
University of Texas, Austin

High School Activities:
Varsity Volleyball
The Medical Academy: Founder and President
Complete a Life Hospice Charity: President
Academic Decathlon: Captain
Junior Statesmen of America: Republican Sergeant at Arms

Extracurricular Activities:
NRA: Student Speaker
California Beach Volleyball team

Favorite Hobby: Surfing
Favorite Food: Red velvet cupcakes
Favorite Quote: “My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” -John Greene from The Fault in our Stars

What during high school best helped you achieve success?:
“I can truly say that no single moment in my high school life was more impactful than another in my ascent into higher education. I believe that my success is a result of a myriad of events that helped me gain confidence throughout high school, and thus acquire new responsibilities and challenges. From being junior prom king to being selected as a student speaker for the NRA, several moments in my high school career gave me the confidence that helped me pursue loftier goals. However, if I had to pinpoint a single moment, it would be when I served as Student Mujalis Mukhisahib. The opportunities given to me to serve my family, my jamat, and my community equipped me with the confidence and resources to pursue higher learning. I credit these achievements through my service to the jamat.”

What advice do you have for incoming/current high school students to succeed?
“I have dual statements that I believe all freshmen should incorporate into their lives. ?First, many students in English courses throughout high school choose to find summaries of books inline rather than read the actual novel. ?However, whether you enjoy the book or not, all literature benefits the reader. ?Thus, read more and read often, for reading is the most impactful way for an individual to enrich one’s life and broaden one’s horizons.

The next sentiment I believe is pivotal for students and often the most difficult is not the academic aspect of school, but the social aspect. ?Therefore I recommend all students to attend their school events from homecoming to prom, for nights like these make high school memorable and worthwhile. ?But at the same time, keep a clear balance between school and khane.”

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